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Tissue Culture Flask



  • Treated TC surface for consistent cell attachment and growth;
  • Made of original class VI Polystyrene, Optically;
  • Vented/Filter caps available for good gas exchange;
  • Sealed cap with double step for available;
  • Stackable, Easy to operate- 1/4 open or Sealed shape;
  • One time use for laboratory research only;
  • Guaranteed sterile via gamma irradiation;
  • Certified Non-Pyrogenic;
  • Certified DNase and RNase free.

Vent and closed cap



1101-025T-FlaskGrowth Area:25cm2,Capability:50mL,Sealed cap,10flasks/Sleeve,160flasks/CartonCase$150.00
1201-025T-FlaskGrowth Area:25cm2,Capability:50mL,Vented/Filter cap,10flasks/Sleeve,160flasks/CartonCase$160.00
1101-075T-FlaskGrowth Area:75cm2,Capability:250mL,Sealed cap,5flasks/Sleeve,100flasks/CartonCarton$180.00
1201-075T-FlaskGrowth Area:75cm2,Capability:250mL,Vented/Filter cap,10flasks/Sleeve,100flasks/CartonCarton$190.00
1101-175T-FlaskGrowth Area:175cm2,Capability:650mL,Sealed cap,5flasks/Sleeve,40flasks/CartonCarton$150.00
1201-175T-FlaskGrowth Area:175cm2,Capability:650mL,Vented/Filter cap,5flasks/Sleeve,40flasks/CartonCarton$160.00
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