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  • Description:


    • Treated TC surface for consistent cell attachment and growth;
    • Made of original class VI Polystyrene;
    • Optically and uniform surface suitable for microscopy;
    • Ventilation lids with three ribs;
    • Stackable, convenient one hand operation;
    • One time use for laboratory research only;
    • Guaranteed sterile via gamma irradiation;
    • Certified RNase, DNase free ,Non-Pyrogenic Non-toxic.


    1101-03535mm DishExternal dimensions, 35x10mm20dishes/Sleeve;500dishes/CartonCarton$150.00
    1101-06060mm DishExternal dimensions, 60x15mm20dishes/Sleeve;500dishes/CartonCarton$180.00
    1101-100100mm DishExternal dimensions, 100x20mm10dishes/Sleeve;500dishes/CartonCarton$250.00
    1101-150150mm DishExternal dimensions, 150x20mm2dishes/Sleeve;100dishes/CartonCarton$150.00
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