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IQSwabs launched

IQSwabs spiral superabsorbent swab increases the abundance of sample collection, improves the sensitivity of PCR amplification detection, and reduces the false negative results of COVID-19 PCR amplification experiment.
The recent outbreak of COVID-19 in several places in China, where asymptomatic infected individuals and imported individuals have been quarantined for more than 14 days and still have positive cases, is worth considering and conducting further research to avoid any further impact on our social life and economic development due to minor factors. There are many factors that affect false negatives in nucleic acid testing, and there may be hidden dangers in various testing stages.
IQSwabs, sample collection tubes, and other materials have been certified for quality testing and meet the technical requirements of molecular biology testing for samples.
·No PCR inhibitors;
·Does not contain DNase and RNA enzyme;
·Does not contain human DNA;
·Effectively reducing the risk of nucleic acid sample contamination and degradation;
·Improve the fidelity of biological samples.